We all are given a set of tools at birth; it is through our life experiences that we learn on how to refine their use.

The logic and emotional responses can wreak havoc on our everyday lives if we do not truly comprehend them. There was a time that i was struggling with my marriage. Everyday challenges from faith, finances, communication, and intimacy. It was hard to justify an outcome. All I knew is that i wanted to feel a sense of belonging.

If we are not careful and do not make the connection between our logic and emotions, we can become extremely vulnerable to temptation and indulge in our selfish desires. Shamefully, i started to philander, make up excuses as to why i needed to leave the house or make excuses to get home late from work. The more I was able to get away with it, the worse it became. In the process, i hurt a lot of people and I ended up losing far more than what i expected.

If we do not know how to process the journey, it can be a convoluted highway of confusion! We are so influenced by external factors of the material world that we lose that connection with ourselves and take the path of least resistance.

This experience caused my heart to be dislocated. All I knew is I had to refine my ways. I started putting others first and evolved my thinking from “what can i get out of it?'' to “how can I contribute?”

I started to ask myself "what am I feeling?", "what actions are resulting in me feeling this way?'' Above all, i had to integrate my faith and put God first. I have received so much from him and never appreciated the opportunities. I was lost.